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Successful exhibition “No Place / Like Home”

Successful exhibition “No Place / Like Home”

Successful exhibition “No Place / Like Home” 1438 2013 GLINT

Latin-American art at GLINT to celebrate Gallery Weekend 2018

Since the start of Berlin Gallery Weekend on 27 April 2018 and running through to 12 May 2018, art lovers have been able to explore the No Place / Like Home exhibition on the first floor of the historic Wilhelminian-era building ensemble GLINT, at the corner of Glinkastraße and Taubenstraße in Berlin-Mitte.

Two exhibitions combined local with global in a very special way in this 450-metre space: Back in April 2017, the Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo (Mexico City), Michael Sturm (Stuttgart), NF / NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ (Madrid) and Nueveochenta (Bogotá) galleries joined forces in an exhibition entitled No Place, to create a joint art project to be housed in historical premises as part of Art Lima (Peru). This collaboration has now been continued in Berlin under the same name. At the same time, Berlin-based curator Rüdiger Lange presented the diversity of international influences on the Berlin art scene with an exhibition entitled Like Home – including works by artists who have a strong connection to Latin America and Berlin.

No Place / Like Home is therefore conceived as a combination of two independent formats, designed to foster a dialogue between the participating galleries and international artists. The historical architectural ensemble of GLINT offered sufficient space to develop this idea.

Featured artists:

No Place: Sven Braun, Mauro Giaconi, Omar Rodríguez-Graham, Juan Fernando Herrán, Fritzia Irizar, Russell Maltz, Kevin Simón Mancera, Moris, Pipo Hernández Rivero Like Home: Gonzalo Reyes Araos, Carla Bertone, Isabelle Borges, Pablo Griss, Carla Guagliardi, Birgit Hölmer, Franz Küsters, Maria Muñoz, Francisco Rozas, Carlos Silva, Alejandro Stein

More pictures can be found on the GLINT-Instagram channel.

Photography: ©Andreas Schimanski

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