Latin American Art at the GLINT

Latin American Art at the GLINT

Latin American Art at the GLINT 2000 1331 GLINT

The exhibition “No Place / Like Home” combines the local with the global within the historical building ensemble GLINT

Coinciding with Gallery Weekend Berlin, a special group exhibition will open within the historical building ensemble GLINT: from April 27th to May 12th visitors can discover “No Place / Like Home” on the first floor of the Wilhelminian-style building ensemble on the corner of Glinkastraße and Taubenstraße in Berlin-Mitte.

Intercultural art-cooperation united under one roof

Within the 450-square-meter space, the exhibition combines two ideas: The project “No Place” was founded last year by the galleries Arróinz Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico, NF/NIEVES FERNANDEZ, Spain, Galeria Nueveochenta, Colombia, and Galerie Michael Sturm, Germany, and took place in a historical building during Art Lima. This cooperation will now be continued under the title “No Place” with a second edition in Berlin. Already in September 2017, the Berlin curator Rüdiger Lange (loop space for contemporary art) realized a group exhibition of light art “Standard International #4 Spatial Clearings”, which gained a lot of attention at the GLINT space. With “Like Home,” Lange will now highlight the diversity of international influences on the local art scene in Berlin – as conveyed by the work of artists who have strong connections to Latin America and Berlin.

Contemporary art in a historic environment

The exhibition “No Place / Like Home” considers itself as a temporary fusion of two independent formats. The focus of the exhibition is a dialogue of art, culture and architecture. “We are honoured to be able to present the art exhibition ‘No Place / Like Home’ within the scope of this platform. The GLINT, with its particular atmosphere, offers international galleries and Berlin-based artists the opportunity to enter into a dialogue,” said Marc F. Kimmich, art-lover and CEO of COPRO AG. “The historical GLINT building acts as a perfect contrasting backdrop for this cultural exchange.”

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