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Five-star Concierge Service: Carefree Living at GLINT

Five-star Concierge Service: Carefree Living at GLINT

Five-star Concierge Service: Carefree Living at GLINT 1920 1272 GLINT

Live like a luxury hotel guest. At GLINT you will find an excellent concierge service awaiting you, taking care of everyday tasks and helping with special occasions. Raffaele Sorrentino heads RAS Services, one of the leading companies in the concierge sector. In this article, we will present the most popular services you can take advantage of in your GLINT apartment in Berlin-Mitte.

Introducing the concierge

Raffaele Sorrentino always had a calling to be a concierge. At the age of 14, he earned his stripes as a page in the chic Villa d’Este on Lake Como. Later he worked for almost 20 years as a chief concierge at a few different locations, including the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin. The native Italian has already been named “best concierge in the world” three times.

Today, Sorrentino heads the concierge service RAS, which looks after around 70 different properties. Sorrentino’s way of working is characterised by his many years of experience and his international network. The team organizes concert tickets for the Met in New York just as easily as picking up everyday items and running errands in Berlin. Discretion is always the top priority. Do not hesitate to express special wishes. This is especially easy with the 24h-app, which guarantees constant availability at GLINT.

How the concierge supports you

A GLINT apartment with concierge services in Berlin offers numerous advantages. There is hardly any task that your concierge cannot manage. Here you will find some selected benefits.

Save yourself time

It is often the small tasks that rob you of time during the day and where you could really use support. This is where your concierge comes in:

  • You can simply delegate tiresome chores like dry cleaning, apartment cleaning or car washing. Do you urgently need fresh flowers? Your discreet contact person will also take care of that.
  • Your concierge will arrange all kinds of housekeeping services for you, whether it is a basic cleaning of the apartment or repairs. Window cleaning and the regular inspection of technical installations are also part of the service. 
  • Thanks to your concierge, waiting lists are a thing of the past. You will not miss a popular concert anymore or have to queue in restaurants and your hotel reservation is already waiting for you. Your concierge might still be able to get you a ticket for the sold-out soccer match.

Feel safe

The subject of security is a sensitive one, especially when it comes to your loved ones. Your concierge at GLINT takes this very seriously:

  • Building surveillance: The concierge keeps a watchful eye over GLINT properties and the associated underground car park. He is also helpful in optimising your Smart Home System in GLINT, which adds even more protection from burglary, fire and water damage.
  • Key management: Gone are the days when the key was placed under the doormat. Your keys are reliably stored for you.
  • Babysitting: The certified babysitting service ensures the safety of your children. So you can go out spontaneously – and enjoy yourself knowing that your little ones are well looked after.

Enjoy your holiday

Berlin is a dream city, but sometimes you are drawn to faraway places. That is why the concierge will help you to explore the world. In advance, he will make hotel bookings for you, organize the pickup at the airport or rent the equipment for your photo safari.

While you are on the road, the concierge service at GLINT will check the condition of your apartment at regular intervals if you wish. So you can be sure that everything is in perfect order at home. They can also accept your packages and water the flowers on your roof terrace. When you return home, you will arrive at a freshly cleaned apartment.

Save yourself time and stress when moving into GLINT

A move typically involves a lot of work: re-registering electricity and Internet, packing and hauling boxes, setting up furniture, cleaning the apartment. This costs time and energy that you can use more profitably elsewhere. So simply entrust the stressful move to your concierge at GLINT. He takes care of registrations and deregistrations, organizes removal helpers and craftsmen, accepts furniture and will even find cleaning staff for you.

Relaxed living in GLINT

Relaxed yet customised: GLINT combines the service of a 5-star hotel with the cosiness and privacy of an apartment in Berlin-Mitte. The combination of an apartment and concierge service allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. If you would like to find out what else GLINT offers, register now for our exclusive login area. Here you can access floor plans, the virtual 3D tour and find more details about the history and furnishings of the property.

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