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Mr Sorrentino, you’ve been named the ‘best concierge in the world’ on no fewer than three occasions. How does one achieve such a feat?

Raffaele Sorrentino

Well, yes, I wonder that, too. I think I won because there’s never been a ‘no’ in my vocabulary. I’ve never told my guests: ‘Let me see what I can do.’ Rather, I’ve always said: ‘I’ll take care of it. Get on with your day and it will be arranged by the time you get back’. It was almost like a game for me.

What qualities do you need for this job?

Raffaele Sorrentino

You have to like people. On top of that, you also need a good network, a talent for organisation, and a lot of empathy. These are things you can’t really learn.

What must a good concierge offer these days?

Raffaele Sorrentino

They need to have a certain charisma and be a good fit for the building.

What do you think of the level of service in Berlin compared to other cities?

Raffaele Sorrentino

Berlin is our strongest location, but there aren’t really any major differences: if you offer services in a building, then the service has to be fitting. Dry cleaning should not cost 20 cents more than it would through an external dry cleaning service. It should cost 20 cents less! Even when people pay millions for a penthouse apartment, they still pay attention to everyday expenses.

Has the general understanding of service changed in recent years?

Raffaele Sorrentino

Yes, considerably. It’s possible that we, as an international concierge service, have even played a small role in that. We take care of much more than just dry cleaning, after all. We can also arrange a table in London, an airport cab in New York, or tickets for the Berliner Philharmonie. It’s also about security. People want someone who takes care of more than just their shirts and shoes; they also want someone who’ll look out for their security. That’s why we now offer a personalised service that is always adapted to the requirements of the individual building.

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