Exhibition showcases GLINT in a whole new light

Exhibition showcases GLINT in a whole new light

Exhibition showcases GLINT in a whole new light 2000 3000 GLINT


The exhibition “Standard International #4 Spatial Clearings” showcases a landmark location in central Berlin in a whole new light

Berlin, 18 September 2017 – The real estate developer and investor COPRO is pleased to announce a new exhibition being held in the neoclassical GLINT building, located on the corner of Glinka and Tauben Streets in Berlin. The exhibition “Standard International #4 Spatial Clearings” brings new life to the building with a sophisticated concept uniting art and light. Featuring 25 well-known Berlin-based artists, the exhibition fosters dialogue between architecture and art in public spaces. Artists include Beate Terfloth, Philipp Geist, Fred Rubin and Gerhard Mantz. The exhibition is being curated by Rüdiger Lange, well known for his pioneering use of art in temporary locations and it takes place from 23 August to 14 October 2017.

In the exhibition, the artists interpret and represent the notion of light in an array of forms, ranging from refracted light created by projections and reflections to targeted use of lamps. Light itself also plays a role, whether as daylight, shadow, electric or indirect light. The first-floor space, measuring about 450 square metres, was staged by the artists to focus on the unique interplay between architecture and light.

Art: An ideal medium for pioneering uses

In line with the mission of COPRO, the exhibition strives to foster dialogue between the arts and architecture: “The interdisciplinary approach revitalises this historic building in a fascinating way, transforming the property into a sort of cultural time machine,” explains Marc F. Kimmich, who is both a patron of the arts as well as the founder and managing director of COPRO. The exhibition “#4 Spatial Clearings” follows on the heels of “Standard International #1” and “Standard International #2” at the Geisberg property in Berlin’s Schöneberg district, as well as “Standard International #3” in GLINT. All of the exhibitions were spearheaded by COPRO in cooperation with Rüdiger Lange. “With this exhibition, we offer a counterpoint to and commentary on the site’s architectural vision. The neo-classical surroundings offer the perfect setting to contrast contemporary light art,” concludes Lange.

Exhibition artists:

David Amber, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Till Exit, Anne Gathmann, Philipp Geist, Robert Hoffmann, Johanna Jaeger, Hazal Kara/Carol Neumann, Achim Kobe, Franz Küsters, Gerhard Mantz, Julia Münstermann, Elva Olafsdottir, Nina Rhode, Roman Roth, Fred Rubin, Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa, Max Sudhues, Beate Terfloth, Gösta Wellmer, Moritz Wermelskirch, Sinta Werner, Markus Wüste, Marc von der Hocht

Curator: Rüdiger Lange

During the whole exhibition, Rüdiger Lange will be available for guided tours.

Exhibition dates: Wed.–Sat., 14–18 p.m.

Further information about the exhibition and artists can be found at: http://www.standard-international.de/Standard-International-4-Spatial-Clearings

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