The GLINT Townhouse: How a classic city residence is being reinterpreted for a modern context

The GLINT Townhouse: How a classic city residence is being reinterpreted for a modern context

The GLINT Townhouse: How a classic city residence is being reinterpreted for a modern context 5000 3535 GLINT

A townhouse is essentially a modernised version of the city residences once held by nobility. In the past, wealthy families lived in such properties so that they could participate in the important events of the urban centre, all while still maintaining a country home or estate. Dive into the history of the townhouse and discover how GLINT is reinterpreting and refreshing the concept in a modern setting.

A closer look: The GLINT Townhouse with 800 square meters and seven floors

The term townhouse itself originates from the United Kingdom. Historically it referred to the town or city residence of a nobleman, which was maintained as a secondary residence next to a larger country house. This allowed the aristocratic owner to stay in town to enjoy various social events, such as the ball season. As space was scarce in cities like London, these townhouses were usually built in rows and rose higher than neighbouring buildings.

In other English-speaking countries, a townhouse was not usually the secondary residence of a nobleman, but simply an upscale terraced house in the middle of the city centre. The owners of such houses usually lived here all year round – for example in New York, Sydney or Cape Town.

This latter version is more in keeping with the concept of the modern townhouse: an elegant, upward-rising terraced house in the urban centre. However, the floor space is often more generous than that of its historical predecessors. As a result of taller constructions, the residents, enjoy a lot of space. Most shops and many cultural hotspots are within easy walking distance, which creates an ideal urban lifestyle.

In Germany, the townhouse concept is still relatively new, although there are historical examples of such noble houses in northern German trading towns like Bremen. However, this is currently changing: modern townhouses are being built more frequently in centres such as Berlin, opening doors to exclusive living in the heart of the city.

A closer look: The GLINT Townhouse with 800 square meters and seven floors

The GLINT Townhouse is a pioneer with this development. Located in Berlin-Mitte, it offers an exclusive lifestyle with historical flair. This unique Berlin property has a number of advantages:

Central location. Only a short distance from Gendarmenmarkt and the Museum Island, you can explore the heart of Berlin from GLINT at any time. Many cultural points of interest including various galleries or the State Opera are within walking distance.  

Adaptable floor plans. As the townhouse is still in the planning phase, the GLINT architects can individually tailor the floor plan to your wishes. Special projects like an integrated music studio or an adventure room for children can also be added in. 

The best of old and new. GLINT creates an aesthetically fascinating mix of historical and modern design elements. Towards the street, there are many playful, Wilhelminian details, while the backyard is dominated by a modern, refined architectural style.

Separate entrance for more privacy. Unlike the owner of a typical urban property, you do not share your entrance with others. This allows you to enjoy maximum privacy.

Convenient elevator. Due to its height, living in a townhouse was once synonymous with climbing stairs. The GLINT Townhouse elevator provides easy access to all seven floors.

Easy parking in the city. Thanks to the four separate underground parking spaces that belong to your townhouse, you will never look for a parking space in Berlin-Mitte again. The integrated charging stations facilitate the use of environmentally-friendly electric cars.

Available on request – ground-level commercial space. Are you self-employed and would prefer avoiding a long commute to the office? Then simply combine work and living. The ground floor of the GLINT Townhouse can be designed as a commercial space, according to your specifications.

Studioapartment GLINT

How to make the most of your modern townhouse

If you are thinking about buying a townhouse, you should consider its optimal use in advance. As the owner, you have the advantage of being able to unite a large family under one roof without having to move far from the city centre. A nanny or a private teacher could even live in the house without compromising space or privacy.

A townhouse is also a lucrative option for investors. Instead of purchasing and managing several city apartments separately, you can simply purchase a complete house. This reduces any necessary administration efforts. Additionally, thanks to a new permit, it is now possible to furnish two apartments per floor.

Benefit from the tax advantages of heritage-protected properties

GLINT is a protected, historic building, which is harmoniously enhanced by modern touches. The fact that buyers benefit from significant tax advantages is made possible by the AfA for monuments (which refers to tax deductions for wear and tear). This outlines how the state creates incentives for the preservation and modernisation of monuments through tax write off opportunities. It is important to note that the highest depreciation-rates are only possible before the start of construction work. Therefore, buyers who act fast profit from the highest tax benefits. You can find out more about Denkmal-AfA in this article.

Learn more about GLINT’s city residence

Have you been won over by the modern living concept of the townhouse in Berlin’s centre? Then find out more about the unique advantages of GLINT. In our exclusive member area, you can find out about floor plans, take a virtual 360-degree tour or even get to know the design lines used. And our competent consultants will be happy to answer your individual questions and arrange a viewing appointment with you upon request.

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